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Minor Oral Surgery to Remove Wisdom Tooth

Bismillah..memandangkan selepas exam microb esok saya akan jalani MOS (minor oral surgery) maka di sini saya ingin kongsikan sedikit info untuk anda...

Beginila lebih kurang kedudukan gigi bongsu saya

Wisdom tooth surgery and impacted wisdom tooth are common occurences but what do you mean by them? 

When someone tells you he has an impacted wisdom tooth or if your dentist tells you that you have an impacted wisdom tooth, it generally means that your wisdom tooth is erupted in an unnatural position. An impacted wisdom tooth more often than not requires wisdom tooth surgery to remove it and x-rays may be necessary to determine the degree of impaction before removal.

What is the wisdom tooth?
The wisdom tooth actually refers to your third molars. Everyone has a natural complement of 32 adult teeth in their lifetime. Some has more, a condition called hyperdontia whereas those who has less than the natural complement of 32 teeth has a condition called hypodontia. The third molar will be the last adult tooth to erupt and it normally surfaces around 18-21 years of age.

Why does the wisdom tooth give problems?
Due to its late eruption and the lack of space that the jaw may have, to accommodate it, the wisdom tooth may not be able to erupt properly or may even remain buried. Hence if it is not erupted properly, it is called an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause food to be easily trapped  and cause gum inflammation and swelling leading to pain and infection. Even if an impacted wisdom tooth is buried and can't be seen, it may just be under soft tissue e.g your gums which makes it easy for the bacteria and food to track under the gums via the pockets and cause swelling, infection and pain.

When do I have to remove the wisdom tooth? If I have an impacted wisdom tooth is it a must to remove it?
Removal of the wisdom tooth depends on a case to case basis. If the wisdom tooth is erupted properly and there is no problems associated with it then it can be and is normally left alone. If however there is difficulty in keeping it clean and there is a high chance that it might give problems in the future then it becomes an option for removal.
In an impacted wisdom tooth where there is pain or infection associated with it, it is normally indicated for removal via wisdom tooth surgery.
Sometimes the orthodontist (specialist dealing with braces) may also recommend removal of an impacted wisdom tooth or teeth early.

How is the wisdom tooth removed?
The wisdom tooth can be removed either via simple wisdom tooth extraction or in the case of an impacted wisdom tooth it can be removed via a wisdom tooth surgery. In the first instance, the wisdom tooth is extracted without any need for surgery and the procedure is normally done under local anaesthesia.
In an impacted wisdom tooth or in a difficult wisdom tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery needs to be performed in order to remove the wisdom tooth.
Wisdom tooth surgery can be done under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. In local anaesthesia, the surgeon will administer local anaesthetic and proceed with the surgery once the surgical site is numb. An incision will be made at the surgical site and bone and tooth exposed. Bone may need to be removed in some cases to enable the wisdom tooth to be elevated and the wisdom tooth may also need to be sectioned or cut to facilitate the removal.

Once the impacted wisdom tooth is successfully delivered, the surgical site will be irrigated and cleansed. A resorbable or non-resorbable suture will be used to close up the surgical site. In some cases, closure with sutures may not be necessary.
In general anaesthesia, the wisdom tooth surgical procedure still remains the same. However, the additional step will be the administration of general anaesthesia by a trained anaesthesiologist before the surgical procedure is initiated.

What are the risks and complications of wisdom tooth surgery? 
Wisdom tooth surgery as with all other surgical procedures does not come without its own set of risks and complications. The most important risk of wisdom tooth surgery that must be noted is the risk of paraesthesia ( altered sensation ) or even anaesthesia ( total numbness) of the lips,chin and tongue on the damaged side. Tooth sensation on damaged side may also be affected. The incidence of nerve injury as cited in the literatures ranges from roughly 1- 5 %. It is not a hard and fast figure and the chances of a nerve injury might go higher depending on the anatomy of the patient involved. The degree of impaction of the impacted wisdom tooth also contributes to this as a more severely impacted wisdom tooth will increase the difficulty of the wisdom tooth surgery.
Other complications are dislodgement of the tooth or part of it into body spaces such as the lingual pouch for the lower wisdom tooth and the maxillary sinus or the infratemporal space for the upper wisdom tooth.
Fractured roots or part of the wisdom tooth may also be left in situ either on purpose or accidentally but if the pieces are small they normally cause minimal problems. In fact some surgeons leave behind small pieces of the wisdom tooth behind if its too risky to go after them as it is basically a risk to benefit surgical call.
Post operative bleeding, TMJ ( jaw joint) pain and damage to adjacent tooth are other complications that might occur.
Due to the increasing number of patients taking bisphosphonate drugs for osteoporosis, it may be prudent to include osteonecrosis related to bisphosphonate use as a complication of wisdom tooth surgery and in such cases the impacted wisdom tooth can just be symptomatically treated.

Surgery Done to Enable Broken Tooth Removal
Tooth Removed and Wound Sutured.

                 Nampak menakutkan kan??hehehe...

How to Recover after Wisdom Teeth Surgery

  1. Make sure you make your appointment on a day that gives you a couple of days to recuperate after the surgery.

  2. 2
    Stock up the night beforehand. Make sure you buy lots of soft foods. (apple sauce, chicken soup, yogurt, canned peaches, pears, pudding, cottage cheese, etc.) You won't be able to have hard, cold/hot foods for at least 48 hours after surgery.
  3. 3
    Right after your teeth are pulled, depending on the circumstances, your doctor will have certain things he/she wants you to follow. Make sure you read the material he/she gives you about how to take care of your teeth.
  4. 4
    Leave the gauze on for at least 30 minutes. Do not attempt to change the gauze as it will disrupt the clotting process. Think of it as a band-aid; you wouldn't want to have one stuck to the wound and be pulled off every time it clotted. Once the first gauze pad has been taken off, keep the area clean and leave it be. Do not attempt to spit the blood out as the pressure change in your mouth will affect clotting. You can bite on a teabag which helps form a clot and stop bleeding.
  5. 5
    Use a teaspoon of sea salt with about 8 ounces of warm water to rinse your mouth out after food and before bed, it helps the healing process.
  6. 6
    Have someone with you the first day you get them removed; you might want some extra help since you may be drugged.
  7. 7
    Ice may be applied to your cheek(s) to help prevent swelling for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours ice may continue to help ease the pain, but will be useless in prevention of swelling. If the operation was just a simple extraction of erupted teeth swelling may be very minor or not present in which case ice is not necessary.After the first 24 hours, apply a heat pad to your cheek(s). The body's natural response will cause additional swelling if the ice pack is reapplied.
  8. 8
    When lying down or sleeping have your head elevated with a couple of pillows. This will help with the swelling as well.
  9. 9
    Always have some water, your pain killers, and antibiotics (if prescribed any) near you. You'll want them near you when you need to take them again.
  10. 10
    Have lots of movies, games, books, and other things around you. You may be in a lot of pain, so you want to make sure you have a lot of resources around to keep your mind busy.
  11. 11
    Within a couple of weeks the gum tissue should be mostly healed and discomfort should be minimal. If a dry socket has developed, healing will take longer.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perempuan Mudah Masuk Syurga Tapi...

Mudah bagi perempuan untuk masuk syurga..
Bagi isteri hanya 4 syarat untuk mereka ke syurga "Apabila seorang isteri mengerjakan solat 5 waktu, mengerjakan puasa sebulan, memelihara kehormatannya (aurat) serta mentaati suaminya, nescaya dia akan masuk syurga". (Riwayat Imam Bazzar melalui Anas r.a)
Daripada Anas, Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam bersabda yang bermaksud: "Apabila seorang perempuan mendirikan sembahyang lima waktu, berpuasa sebulan (Ramadhan), menjaga kehormatan dan taat kepada suami, dia akan disuruh memasuki syurga melalui mana-mana pintu yang dia sukai." (Hadis Riwayat Ahmad)
Perempuan tidak perlu keluar berjihad atau berperang, cukup sekadar mengerjakan haji atau umrah bagi yang cukup syaratnya.
Daripada Aishah r.a. katanya, aku berkata, "Ya Rasulullah, kita mengetahui bahawa jihad adalah sebaik-baik amalan. Oleh itu apakah kami kaum wanita tidak boleh ikut berjihad?" Baginda terus menjawab: "Bagi kamu semua (kaum wanita) jihad yang paling baik ialah mengerjakan haji dan mendapatkan haji mabrur.
Rasulullah SAW bersabda: " Jihad orang yang tua, lemah dan wanita ialah menunaikan haji" (an-Nasa'i)"
Pernah Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud : "Jikalau sekiranya ada perintah dari Allah SWT untuk menyuruh manusia sujud kepada manusia nescaya aku suruh isteri sujud kepada suaminya."
Namun perempuan lebih ramai di neraka..
Dari Abdullah bin Umar r.a katanya: Rasulullah s.a.w telah bersabda: "Wahai kaum wanita! Bersedekahlah kamu dan perbanyakkanlah istighfar iaitu memohon ampun. Kerana aku melihat kaum wanitalah yang lebih ramai menjadi penghuni Neraka."

Seorang wanita yang cukup pintar di antara mereka bertanya: "Wahai Rasulullah, kenapa kami kaum wanita yang lebih ramai menjadi penghuni Neraka?" Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda: "Kamu banyak mengutuk dan mengingkari suami. Aku tidak melihat mereka yang kekurangan akal dan agama yang lebih menguasai pemilik akal, daripada golongan kamu.

Wanita itu bertanya lagi: "Wahai Rasulullah! Apakah maksud kekurangan akal dan agama itu? "Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: "Maksud kekurangan akal ialah penyaksian dua orang wanita sama dengan penyaksian seorang lelaki. Inilah yang dikatakan kekurangan akal. Begitu juga wanita tidak mendirikan sembahyang pada malam-malam yang dilaluinya kemudian berbuka pada bulan Ramadhan kerana haid. Maka inilah yang dikatakan kekurangan agama"

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Kenapa tidak dengan facebook??(REVIEW)

Hurm...masih ada satu paper lagi exam..Microbiology...Tak rasa panik pun..cuma berdebar sikit-sikit mungkin lah..kawan menegur saya.."Tak risau ke nak exam??Rileks je tengok..." Saya cakap, "Exam hanya sejam..yang berbaki 23 jam tu lebih saya risaukan..apa yang patut diisi..kalau kat akhirat nanti...pukul 9.00 -10.10 pagi boleh la saya jawab saya tengah exam di hadapan Allah...tapi 23 jam lagi saya nak jawab apa?tengok movie?dating dengan kawan-kawan?Melepak?Tidur???".........

*          *              *            *                *                      *             *

P/s: Hari ini 26 November 2010...sudah lebih 67 hari saya tidak menyentuh facebook saya. Bukan setakat deactivate, tapi terus delete account. Terima kasih buat Bro. Sahel Al-Fateh kerana ajar saya bagaimana nak delete akaun facebook...Terima kasih juga buat Bro Helmi Zuhairi yang mencabar saya untuk tidak kembali kepada facebook. Ketahuilah...kita boleh hidup tanpa facebook! =)

Setelah tamat exam dan berlalunya ramadhan, saya cuba untuk muhasabah. Apa yang dah lebih dan apa yang dah kurang. Tidaklah mahu saya cerita tentang prestasi ibadat saya di sini, tetapi cukuplah tentang satu benda yang orang anggap sebagai "jerat yahudi yang mahu menelanjangkan umat Islam", yang dianggap "syaitan" oleh Pof Bazirgan dan macam-macam lagi gelaran yang orang beri pada FACEBOOK yang menunjukkan facebook ini kurang baik untuk kita.

Dakwah Melalui Facebook?

Saya tidak berani mengulas tentang orang lain. Cukuplah muhasabah untuk diri saya. Jikalau orang bertanya mengapa susah untuk meninggalkan facebook, saya akan berikan alasan itu adalah satu medium dakwah.

Benarkah saya berdakwah melalui facebook? Mungkin saya boleh menjawab ya. Tapi kalau ditanya berapa banyak masa yang saya guna untuk berdakwah di facebook? Tiada jawapan khusus untuk soalan ini. Yang pastinya, lebih banyak masa digunakan untuk membuat sesuatu yang tidak berfaedah berbanding untuk berdakwah.

Facebook itu fitnah

Semakin lama saya perhatikan, banyak masalah datang daripada facebook. Tidak perlu saya nyatakan di sini. Sudah banyak orang ceritakan fitnah facebook ini seperti dalam artikel tulis Ustaz Zaharuddin di dan lain-lain.

Paling ketara sekali, ia penuh dengan kemaksiatan. Ia penuh dengan kelalaian. Saya mungkin berdakwah dalam facebook. Tapi saya akan diganggu oleh pelbagai gangguan yang menyebabkan niat saya untuk berdakwah tanpa disedari sudah menjadi perkara sia-sia yang membuang masa.

Orang akan cakap tanpa facebook susah untuk kita berhubung dengan sahabat-sahabat lama. Tapi sebelum facebook dicipta, orang tidak merungut kerana adanya friendster dan myspace. Tapi jawapan saya, ada facebook atau tanpa facebook, kekerapan saya untuk menghubungi mereka tetap sama.

Dengan facebook, setiap aktiviti mahu diceritakan. Setiap perasaan mahu diluahkan. Lebih-lebih lagi yang guna facebook mobile. Lapar, kenyang, stres, sakit, naik bas, turun bas, tanpa ada manfaat pada orang lain, turut disebarkan. Maka tanyalah diri sendiri, memberi pahalakah semua itu? Menambahkan iman dan taqwakah pada diri? Atau hanya sekadar menjauhkan diri daripada Tuhan?

Cara saya, tidak semestinya cara anda

Saya menulis di sini bukanlah untuk anda ikut. Tapi sekadar perkongsian. Supaya saya dan kalian berfikir. Ingin saya tegaskan di sini, facebook itu satu fitnah sangat-sangat besar. Buktinya?Cubalah tinggalkan buat kali pertama. Pasti anda berasa sangat-sangat sukar. Dan berapa orang yang sanggup tinggalkannya demi iman?

Apabila fitnah facebook mula merebak kepada keluarga saya, facebook tidak boleh dimaafkan lagi. Saya tidak rela ahli keluarga saya terkena jerat yahudi yang tidak mengenal mangsa. Cukuplah saya pernah hadapinya. Doakan saya istiqamah. Selamat tinggal facebook. Bukan sehari, bukan seminggu, bukan setahun, tapi sampai mati, sampai saya bertemu kekasih hati. Selamat tinggal facebook.

"Katakanlah, pada kedua-duanya ada banyak keburukan dan beberapa kemanfaatan, namun keburukannya adalah lebih besar daripada kebaikannya. "

"Wahai orang-orang yan beriman , peliharalah diri kamu dan keluarga kamu dari api neraka, yang bahan bakarnya adalah manusia dan batu; penjaganya malaikat-malaikat yang kasar, yang keras, yang tidak mendurhakai Allah terhadap apa yang diperentahkanNya kepada mereka dan selalu mengerjakan apa yang diperintahkan."  (At-tahrim:6)

20 September 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Andai ku tahu....

Sementara esok masih ada...

Kalau aku tahu dua tiga hari lagi exam...
Hari ini juga aku akan mula study....

Kalau aku tahu minggu depan ada evaluation...
Minggu ni jugak aku berjaga malam nak dapatkan distinction...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Andai aku tahu esok aku mati......

Hari ini juga aku akan ambil quran yang berdebu untuk mengaji...

Andai aku tahu benarnya kiamat.......

Tudung yang singkat akan aku jadikan labuh bulat....

Andai aku tahu Malaikat Maut itu tidak akan memungkiri janji...

Akan ku tinggalkan semua lagu-lagu nyanyi....

Andai aku tahu dahsyatnya akhirat...

Takkan ku biarkan saudara Muslimahku mendedahkan aurat....

Andai aku tahu mahalnya harga syurga...

Takkan aku biar diriku membazir masa....

Andai aku tahu dunia ini bukan tempat istirehat...

Akan ku bataskan pergaulan dan muamalat....

Andai aku tahu Islam itu kini dijadikan mainan...

Akan aku tetap bersama-sama daie menyebarkannya walaupun nyawa menjadi taruhan......

Tapi kerana aku tidak tahu.......

* * * * * * * * * * * 

Jangan biarkan dirimu dalam keadaan terus menerus tidak tahu...

Kerana masa itu menjadi penentu....

Antara dua waktu...

Waktu hidup dan waktu kita mati......

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Musim Hujan =Musim Orang Kahwin =)

Nur Izaidah (DQ Gen 7) dan Abu Al-Hakim...Perintis..sudah mempunyai seorang cahaya mata

Abqari Hamid (DQ Gen 7) dan Amalina

Ustaz Juzaili dan Wan Sufiah (DQ Gen 7)
Maryam Izzati dan Tuan Hafizuddin (pasangan DQ Gen 7)
Sengaja kali ini nak memaparkan kisah cinta huffaz graduan Darul Quran Jakim dengan pasangan pilihan masing-masing dari GEN -7.... tiada dalam post kali ini ialah Faris (KUNJI) dan pasangannya...Moga berkat Allah bagi mereka dan ke atas mereka dan moga Allah menyatukan mereka dalam kebaikan...Ameen...Setelah sempurna sebahagian agamu maka bertaqwalah pada sebahagian yang lain...Moga quran akan terus masyi......

p/s:Akan menyusul....Haziq dan Aisyah(pasangan DQ GEN 8)..Syukri DQ GEN 7 dan pasangannya..Banin Laws DQ GEN-7 dan pasangannya..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sekadar menjadi dentist yang biasa??

Seseorang bertanya kepada saya.
“Tidak bolehkah kita sekadar menjadi manusia biasa?”
Saya bertanya semula kepadanya.
“Manusia biasa, maksud kau?”
Dia menjawab.
“Yalah, tak payah kisah fasal dakwah-dakwah orang, sibuk program pertingtkatkan diri dan sebagainya”
Oh. Saya menjawab semula.
“Sebenarnya, itulah yang biasa bagi manusia. Tinggal kita nampak luar biasa, sebab kebiasaan itu telah ditinggalkan manusia hari ini”
Dan sahabat saya terdiam.





Mati???Ke syurga atau neraka???

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nak kahwin tapi tiada duit??

E-book ini pasti membantu anda!Saya rasa ia sangat bermanfaat bagi mereka yang masih belum tahu bagaimana nak menguruskan kewangan. Jangan tunggu lagi.Harga hanya RM20!! Anda patut baca. Pelaburan RM20 pasti berbaloi untuk menyelamatkan RM10,000 anda...

Mari lihat sebahagian petikannya...
Nak tahu lagi??Beli la sendiri.. =)

Saya suka minggu ulangkaji dan exam..

Ini mungkin post terpendek saya. Sungguh saya merindui period ini. Period yang saya tunggu-tunggu. Sebab period ini lah yang paling menenangkan.

Period ini tiada kelas untuk dihadiri.

Period ini tiada projek untuk difikirkan.

Period ini tiada muamalat yang berlebihan.

Period ini adalah period bersama ilmu.

Period ini rasa banyak masa untuk membaca al-quran.

Period ini hati terasa lembut untuk menghadap Tuhan.

Period ini juga baru terasa Tuhanlah segala-galanya...bukan usaha kita...

Period ini period kesedaran...

Period ini period "kepulangan"...

"Kepulangan" setelah sesat dalam gelap kejahilan.................

Dunia dan akhirat...........

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's never late to have a dream....

Have you ever have a dream?? For sure you have right. This time I want to share about dream. It is actually related to our daily life. And of course it is the main key of success in this world. People who doesn't have dream is more likely to fail in his life.

This evening my friend Haniff Borhan told us during leadership class about the story how Lamborghini company was established. You can ask him about the story. Or just google to find about it. It is an interesting story. But I'm not interested to tell about it here. When he was busy telling the story, I was thinking about my life. The true story of my life....

When I was in primary and secondary school, I always have my own dreams and I worked hard to achieve it. It is the way how I succeed. You dream, you want to become special, you want to be different from the others, then make the dreams come true. That's it!

What I still remember, there are several dreams that have come true throughout my life. I'll just list down the dreams that I think very special for me...

1)When I was in standard 6, I dreamt that I want to become a Hafiz Quran before I left secondary school. 4  
    years later, I got the title.

2)Of course in each big examination that I'll take, I want straight A's. Alhamdulillah, for PMRU I got 10 A,
   PMR 9A, SMU 6 Aggregate 1C, SPM 12 1A. For your information, if a student from under Yayasan
   Islam Kelantan managed to get straight A's in each of these examinations except SPM, he will have chance
   to get the Tokoh Maal Hijrah Award. My senior Ikram Rauhi, Tengku Azran and my mentor Ahmad
   Rasyidi already received the award. Before SMU exam also my sister had challenged me to do well in this
   exam and try to get the award from sultan. Alhamdulillah, in the next year, I got the Tokoh Maal Hijrah
   2006 award and also became the best student for SMU 2005.

There are much more dreams but i cannot remember them exactly. Then, after SPM everything has changed. The first thing that i couldn't afford was to pursue my study oversea and get married at young age. I was very frustrated but I tried to accept it as my faith. (May be because I cannot bear with cold environment. That's why Allah put me here =p ). Then, when I entered Centre For Foundation Studies IIUM, my result was also not really good. I let myself become lazy and spend more time doing something that are not beneficial. I don't know why. Perhaps I don't have enough inspiration to motivate myself. I admit that when I was at school, there were special teachers who really inspired me to do well and become the best among the best. They could see my potential and they always encourage me to achieve the highest. Tribute to Muallimah Rosmawati Abdul Wahab (SRI AMAN) and Cikgu Pauziah Che Hashim (MAAHAD MUHAMMADI (LELAKI).'s 2010. 2nd  November 2010. The day that I came to this world 21 years ago. I try to change myself slowly. I want to have my own dream. May be becoming a dentist is not my priority. It's not too late to change. This is the time. If you believe in yourself, you can!One of my dream is I want to have my own lamborghini within this 30 years. Hehehe....Just wait and see...

Someday there will be a visiting lecturer who drive this car in IIUM Kuantan. Guess who??