Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's never late to have a dream....

Have you ever have a dream?? For sure you have right. This time I want to share about dream. It is actually related to our daily life. And of course it is the main key of success in this world. People who doesn't have dream is more likely to fail in his life.

This evening my friend Haniff Borhan told us during leadership class about the story how Lamborghini company was established. You can ask him about the story. Or just google to find about it. It is an interesting story. But I'm not interested to tell about it here. When he was busy telling the story, I was thinking about my life. The true story of my life....

When I was in primary and secondary school, I always have my own dreams and I worked hard to achieve it. It is the way how I succeed. You dream, you want to become special, you want to be different from the others, then make the dreams come true. That's it!

What I still remember, there are several dreams that have come true throughout my life. I'll just list down the dreams that I think very special for me...

1)When I was in standard 6, I dreamt that I want to become a Hafiz Quran before I left secondary school. 4  
    years later, I got the title.

2)Of course in each big examination that I'll take, I want straight A's. Alhamdulillah, for PMRU I got 10 A,
   PMR 9A, SMU 6 Aggregate 1C, SPM 12 1A. For your information, if a student from under Yayasan
   Islam Kelantan managed to get straight A's in each of these examinations except SPM, he will have chance
   to get the Tokoh Maal Hijrah Award. My senior Ikram Rauhi, Tengku Azran and my mentor Ahmad
   Rasyidi already received the award. Before SMU exam also my sister had challenged me to do well in this
   exam and try to get the award from sultan. Alhamdulillah, in the next year, I got the Tokoh Maal Hijrah
   2006 award and also became the best student for SMU 2005.

There are much more dreams but i cannot remember them exactly. Then, after SPM everything has changed. The first thing that i couldn't afford was to pursue my study oversea and get married at young age. I was very frustrated but I tried to accept it as my faith. (May be because I cannot bear with cold environment. That's why Allah put me here =p ). Then, when I entered Centre For Foundation Studies IIUM, my result was also not really good. I let myself become lazy and spend more time doing something that are not beneficial. I don't know why. Perhaps I don't have enough inspiration to motivate myself. I admit that when I was at school, there were special teachers who really inspired me to do well and become the best among the best. They could see my potential and they always encourage me to achieve the highest. Tribute to Muallimah Rosmawati Abdul Wahab (SRI AMAN) and Cikgu Pauziah Che Hashim (MAAHAD MUHAMMADI (LELAKI).

Now...it's 2010. 2nd  November 2010. The day that I came to this world 21 years ago. I try to change myself slowly. I want to have my own dream. May be becoming a dentist is not my priority. It's not too late to change. This is the time. If you believe in yourself, you can!One of my dream is I want to have my own lamborghini within this 30 years. Hehehe....Just wait and see...

Someday there will be a visiting lecturer who drive this car in IIUM Kuantan. Guess who??


  1. salam,bro.

    hoho. i understand what u feel, bro.

    since primary-2ndary, always got flying colors in exams n everything, but when we enroll as an university student, everything seems in grey area n we feel BURNT OUT.

    maybe, we must set a higher targets rather than succeed in our life only.juz my opinion.

    p/s : i think,that is not "cool environment" but "cold environment".huhu

  2. hehe..tq for the correction..tak perasan...seems I have to write more in English to "invite" the commentator like you bro =)

  3. itsokay. practice makes perfect. mine is horrible too. :)

    have a nice day.

  4. pieces of your stories are similar with mine..life during school and at uni really diff..really miss precious words from “murabbi2” at mhaad..Sometimes repeated failures make me forget that i can still have a dream and time to achieve it..this entry has inspired me back..thanks