Saturday, January 30, 2010

GOD Is Not Facebook... You are not a GOD!

This is a self-reminder as well as a general note.
Written at 2am half asleep . ..

(of course with mixtures of issues.. I am addicted to Facebook. Online subscription has exceeded the limit. Way to go)

So this is a reminder-

When I am down I must not log on to Facebook

When I am sick and looking for cure I must not update my status

When I feel empty I must not post rubbishblabberish and tag people for attention

When I am uncertain of things I must not answer quizes. Nor do the forecasts to determine me.

This site cannot give me answers for the questions, nor cure the aches, nor it is the Happy Pill as it seems.

Facebook is Not GOD.

It is not a sort of blessing when somebody likes the posts.

And Happiness?

whenever I am happy lots of others are following me

Excited when someone I know are on my list I should look bombshell looking good on my profile.

Soon I will be known.

My Petsociety score is rocketing up! My rank in Is_Cool the coolest in region
Online friends suggest me to their lists

Fame happiness excitements on Facebook will not last long

For I am not a GOD.

La Haula Wala Kuwata Illa Billa Hil Aliyil Aziem

More time must be spent for real Amals

-logging of

Consider again if wanna steal this.believe in God?
copyright: Maryam Jameelah


  1. nice post!!..
    can i copy this post>?

  2. sahel, thank you for reading . However this post was meant for my personal thought.. I appreciate if you could include back the original resource link if you share it. Thanks